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Why You Should Use Padoras in Your Zoa Garden

Aquaculture is becoming a popular hobby of people around the world today. A lot of people start with a zoa garden as a way of getting into aquaculture. A zoa garden is a form of aquaculture that many people in the world are creating today. You can easily get a range of zoathids since now you can find many resources that sell them. It is very easy to acquire zoathids that you will be using in your zoa garden.

The best zoanthid that you can put in you zoa garden is the beautiful Pandora which you can easily find in online aquaculture stores. The Pandora zoanthid is colored pink but is enhances with violet accents and gold highlights. The reason why you should prefer Pandora over any other species is that it is fast-growing. And many people choose Pandoras for their zoa garden for this very reason. Caring for a pandora requires very little basic knowledge. This is ideal for beginners but many experienced zoa gardeners also prefer this species over others.

Keeping Pandoras is relatively easy. Any light intensity and water condition is ideal for the Pandora and so it is not difficult to create a great environment for it and even to maintain it. The best benefit to owning a Pandora is that it grows really fast. They are able to grow fast in the water by collecting particles of sand and silt and making it a part of their structure. In their natural habitat, pandoras are also able to thrive in a cold environment which a potential aquarist can easily come up with. It is important that Pandoras get a moderate flow of water in the aquarium. Pandoras are able to maintain their natural looks with this natural flow of water.

Enhancing the growth of Pandoras is possible with the addition of iodine and trace elements in it. If you add these trace elements then the Pandora reproduces more in the budding stage and thus increase their colony. As a form of nutritional supplement, Pandoras use symbiotic algae zooxanthellae. Micro-plankton or brine shrimp can also improve the feeding system of the Pandoras.

Handling Pandoras is not much of a problem because it is easy and relatively safe. But they also pose a harmful risk made by the palytoxin they emit. This makes it very important to handle Pandoras with caution. This neurotoxin is deadly if it comes into contact with the blood system. Ensure that your hands have no cuts or wounds if you will handle Pandoras. Protecting clothing is important when you handle Pandoras to keep yourself safe. Your protective clothing will then help you handle Pandoras easily and safely.

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