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The Role of the Arborist

When it comes to property management, tree care services are some of the most essential types of service a property owner can acquire. This is primarily due to the fact that the health and safety of one’s property can be directly influenced by one’s choice of how they handle certain tree issues such as improper tree maintenance. The more correct and thorough one’s procedures are when it comes to tree maintenance, the less likely they are to encounter problems with their trees. Some of the most common types of tree issues a property owner may come across include tree pruning and felling. Here we will take a look at each of these and provide you with necessary information you will need when approaching either of them on your own.

Tree pruning is the process of pruning a specific part or all of your trees. This can be done manually or using an arborist to do it for you. In most cases, if your property has never before had an arborist on staff, then pruning is likely going to be a fairly straight forward task to perform. This method is used to prevent any large branches from getting out of place and in the opposite direction from where they are supposed to be. This prevents damage to the home or structures as well as any traffic accidents. If this is the first time this has been performed on your property, then it is highly recommended that you call on a professional arborist prior to doing so to avoid any potential complications that could arise.

A tree care service will also perform services pertaining to felling or removing certain limbs that may grow into troublesome places. For example, some individuals that live in urban environments may require their trees to be felled on occasion in order to help prevent further damage to their homes and structures. On the other hand, some homeowners may choose to have limbs that grow into areas that are less desirable. For example, if a homeowner is located in an area with a narrow tree path, then they may require a different type of service than someone who lives in a neighborhood with a bus route.

There are a number of methods that a tree care service may utilize when it comes to felling a certain branch or removal of a certain part of the structure. Some of these methods include cutting the branch off at the base, using saws that have special blades designed for cutting branches and others that use hydraulic excavators. Regardless of the method that is chosen, it is important that the specialized tree care specialist has received special training in regards to dealing with various types of situations. This is essential for avoiding any complications that may arise in terms of injuries that may occur due to improper disposal of the branch or its removal.

Another situation that requires the use of specialized types of equipment by tree care specialists is the issue of structural defects. Tree services will deal with issues that involve weak branches and other types of structural defects on a regular basis. In fact, if a tree care service takes the time to inspect a home for structural defects, it could mean the difference between saving the customer thousands of dollars on their home’s roof or having to spend additional time and money to correct the structural problems. There are a number of trained professionals who are skilled in identifying problematic areas and in repairing weak branches or other parts of the structure that need to be fixed.

Tree arborists play a significant role when it comes to preventing damage to properties. In addition to inspecting buildings and homes for potential damage, a tree care service will also carry out necessary preventative measures that will help to limit the amount of damage that can occur. Some of these preventative techniques include placing anti-vibration pads under the foundation of a building or fixing openings on the exterior of a house. Even if a homeowner does not require immediate repair of a structural problem, hiring an arborist can ensure that the issue is handled before it becomes a more costly issue.

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